“KanbanRocket Tour”
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Do you already have a paper kanban system to manage some materials or are you considering implementing one within your company?

You have probably already encountered some limitations of manual kanban or have heard about them from colleagues, suppliers and customers.

KanbanRocket is a simple and intuitive cloud platform for managing pull kanban flows of materials within your company (production/withdrawal kanban) and in the Supply Chain (purchase/sales kanban).

KanbanRocket is a concentrate of functions to create and manage (personal data, assisted sizing, kanbanboard, electronic tracking, delivery calendar, notifications, KPI and monitoring, pro-active maintenance, advanced user management, management of print templates, etc.) at best your Kanban System.

Thanks to the KanbanRocket workflows it is possible to streamline and automate many operations (generation of production or handling orders, delivery planning, sending of orders to suppliers and/or receiving from customers and their insertion on the ERP, generation of work lists and shipping lists, acceptance of goods and transport documents registration etc), allowing the team to dedicate more time to improving strategic business processes.

Discover “Supply Chain Network” to invite suppliers and customers to collaborate in a completely new and free way and to simplify the sharing of planning information, order progress and stock status.

Sign up for the “KanbanRocket Tour” webinar on August 31, 2021 from 12:00 to 12:45 to understand how KanbanRocket can help you achieve your goals.


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