Product and Features

Digital Materials Management

KanbanRocket is a concentration of functions to better manage the flows of materials within the company and in the Supply Chain

Types of Kanban

All types of licenses allow you to manage all flows (kanban pull orders and closed/spot orders) both internal to the plant (production/handling) and external (purchase/sale) and to collaborate for free with partners in your Supply Chain.


Procurement management from external suppliers

Production and Transfer

Management of the flow of materials within the plant


Management of supplies to external customers

Creation and management of kanban loops

Data management

Simplified management of master data: components, containers, internal/external partners (suppliers and customers). Import/Export from Excel files.

Assisted kanban sizing

Sizing of kanban loops (pure, signal, batch) with a convenient wizard that guides the user in the creation/editing phase in order to make it simple, fast and foolproof.

Kanban Board

Real-time update of the orders status for your company and for your Supply Chain Network. In this way, suppliers and customers (internal/external) will always know what the next move is.

Delivery calendar management

Automated calculation of the expected delivery date of the kanbans at the time of consumption.

Operation management

SMART statement

Intuitive declarations suitable for touch devices and barcode / qrcode readers. Users can perform operations based on their role and permissions.

Tags printing

Quick single and multiple printing functions from Dashboard, KanbanBoard etc

Historical events

Recording of events in a complete history available to administrators to carry out precise checks on the system.

Tags check

Quick check of the status of a warehouse tag

Worklist / shipping list management (supplier)

Supplier side functions to generate and optimize picking, work and delivery / shipping lists and export them.

Goods acceptance and DDT electronic management

Customer side functions to optimize the goods acceptance process, digitize the registration of documents and book load

Maintenance and KPI

History-based maintenance

Analysis of changes in consumption over time and pro-active support for the maintenance of kanban loops using automatic recalculation algorithms.

Maintenance from external sources

Sizing process based on consumption imported from external data sources. Useful for eg. in case you want to extend the analysis to a frozen future period.

KPI and performance monitoring

Complete monitoring of the performance of kanban loops through charts and indicators.

Company and user configuration

Business work calendar

Management of the working calendar useful for planning and statistics.

Advanced user profiling

Advanced user management to define the role, permissions and visibility needed by each team resource with a few clicks.

Notification management

Setting up on-site or email notifications to allow users to be notified of specific events of interest to them (e.g. operations of internal or external customers/suppliers) and system notifications.

Customization of print templates

Creation of customized print templates based on the needs of the company and/or external partners with a dedicated configurator.

Supply Chain Network Management

Connection of external companies

Management of connections with partners in your Supply Chain. Invite suppliers and customers to collaborate for free in a whole new way.

Customer/supplier transcodings

Management of translations of codes and descriptions in case of connections with external companies through Supply Chain Networking so that each company can use its own company standards.

Did you know that our platform is available in different configurations?

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Cloud KanbanRocket

All the power of KanbanRocket in a monthly subscription (SaaS, Software as a Service)

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Personalized company portal

Take advantage of our technology to create your customized company portal by purchaising a license (On-Premises)

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