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Partner Program

KanbanRocket offers a program to work together with its partners to digitize their customers’ material management processes in line with industry 4.0 principles for automation and interconnection.
The goal is to carry out digital transformation projects for companies and help them become data-driven.

Acquire specific skills sought by the market

Take advantage of the digital transformation and industry 4.0 megatrend

Differentiate and extend the value proposition

Increase the customer portfolio

Up and cross selling to your customers

Types of partnerships


  • Refereal Partner Referrals are companies and professionals who understand the benefits our solutions can bring to their customers or other businesses in their network.

    When they identify an opportunity for the use of our applications, the Referrals communicate it to the KanbanRocket team that supports or leads the next stages of the sales process.

    This type of partnership is suitable for all realities wishing to propose high added value solutions without structuring a team dedicated to offering directly related products and services.
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VAR - Value Added Reseller

  • VAR partners are companies and professionals with vertical skills in management consulting (Supply Chain Management, Operations, Lean & Digital Transformation, industry 4.0 etc) or IT (ERP, software house, system integrator etc) who wish to add value to their current product and service portfolio.

    VAR partners have the ability to customize KanbanRocket and present themselves with a coordinated image to their current and potential customers.

    The VAR partners, in fact, immediately manage the sales process and the front-end relationship with the customer autonomously and use the support of the KanbanRocket team in a differentiated way based on their level.
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Partnership Levels

The Partner Program is designed to fit the VAR partner business model. Through the partner academy and the online and offline training program, partners improve and increase their skills to be able to deliver different value services and thus meet the needs of their customers. As the business with KanbanRocket and the level of partnership grow, the benefits increase.

Bronze Partner

  • It independently manages the sale of the software to its customers with the possible support of the KanbanRocket team in the pre-sale phase.
  • Technical assistance and the provision of services (for which the partner is not yet trained) is provided by the KanbanRocket team in complete safety.

Silver Partner

  • It has a highly competent team to independently manage its customers from a technical and commercial point of view.
  • It provides direct technical assistance to its customers from the dedicated ticketing portal.
  • It uses the support of the KanbanRocket team only for the provision of advanced services.

Gold Partner

  • It has demonstrated that it can independently manage even the most complex projects and is able to provide advanced services.
  • Receive qualified leads in your area for further business development.
  • It interacts with the KanbanRocket team to plan new technical and strategic developments.

Are you interested in the Partner Program?

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Why choose KanbanRocket

KanbanRocket adapts to the processes and business needs of your customers thanks to the different solutions:

  • Web Technology
    - Available anytime, anywhere.
    - Accessible with any device.
    - Automatically updated to the latest version available without the need for installations
  • Available both in the cloud (monthly subscription) that on premises (installation on company server)
  • Can be integrated with any ERP, vertical modules (MES, WMS etc) and BI
  • Register your company and connect to suppliers and customers within the KanbanRocket network or create a customized company portal
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KanbanRocket is a concentrate of functions for materials management:

  • Complete management of electronic kanban (production / handling, purchase and sale) and order orders (closed / spot orders)
  • Simplified management of master data and link sizing, Kanban board visual with real time tracking of orders, planning and scheduling of deliveries
  • Operational management (declarations, printouts, historical events, etc.) efficient, intuitive and error-proof. Workflow automation (goods acceptance and delivery note management, warehouse loading / unloading)
  • KPIs and monitoring of inventory and internal QCT and supply chain performance. Consumption analysis and pro-active maintenance of the system.
  • Advanced user profiling: roles, permissions and notifications. Customization of print templates
  • Management of connections with external companies (suppliers / customers) and related transcoding systems
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