Keep materials running

Delegates operational management to KanbanRocket and frees up resources to devote to strategic logistics and supply chain management activities

e-Supply Chain Management, e-Kanban System e INDUSTRY 4.0

KanbanRocket is a platform that allows you to digitize material management processes for internal flows within your company and in the Supply Chain in line with industry 4.0 principles for automation and interconnection.

KanbanRocket integrates specific logics for the management of pull kanban (or electronic kanban) flows to be implemented to eliminate overproduction and introduce a rational and demand-driven inventory management system.

Eliminate overproduction

Reduces average stocks

Reduces the risk of Stock-out

It allows you to react quickly to problems

Avoid unnecessary discussions between supplier and customer (Lead Time, Qty and containers)

Automate delivery planning

Track and notify order progress in real time

Measure and monitor internal and supply chain QCT performance

Speed ​​up your Kanban sizing and printing activities

Analyzes consumption and facilitates maintenance of the Kanban system over time

Automate order creation and management

Automate the management of transport documents and warehouse loading / unloading

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Why choose KanbanRocket

KanbanRocket adapts to your processes and business needs thanks to the different solutions:

  • Web Technology
    - Available anytime, anywhere.
    - Accessible with any device.
    - Automatically updated to the latest version available without the need for installations
  • Available both in cloud/subscription (SaaS, Software as a Service) and in purchase (On-Premises, with perpetual license), to fit your business needs
  • Can be integrated with any ERP, vertical modules (MES, WMS etc) and BI
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KanbanRocket is a concentrate of functions for materials management:

  • Simplified management of master data and loop sizing, Kanban board visual with real time tracking of orders, planning and scheduling of deliveries
  • Operational management (declarations, printouts, historical events, etc.) efficient, intuitive and error-proof. Workflow automation (goods acceptance and delivery note management, warehouse loading / unloading)
  • KPIs and monitoring of inventory and internal QCT and supply chain performance. Consumption analysis and pro-active maintenance of the system.
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